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Welcome to Celtic Flame Aromatherapeutics and the amazing world of Essential Oils.

Essential oils are wonderful, a gift from nature, for the heart, mind, body and soul. They are made from the flowers, leaves, roots, wood and resins of plants and contain the living essence of the original plant source. The oils can be used to treat a variety of common conditions, to encourage our own internal healing process, to help maintain good health and for pure enjoyment.

The scents are wonderful, each oil is an individual in its own right, with many actions and qualities. They are very powerful healers and combining the oils gives greater healing potential.

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For legal reasons, I cannot give you any information on which oils can be used for certain health conditions, though as an aromatherapist that is what I have been trained to do. Essential oils are not registered as medicines here, thus unfortunately I can make no claims for their therapeutic actions.

My name is Amanda Parry, I am an ITEC qualified aromatherapist and a member of the Guild of Complementary Practitioners and ITEC.

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